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Broken Ankle

"You use the written word so well." — Trevor (Brighton, UK)

The Sea

"You are an incredible man — you never fail to amaze and inspire me. I love the glimpses of how to see the world differently and thereby put it into perspective again." — Diane (London, UK)

"Nice Poetry Duncan; thanks for sharing." — John (Sacramento, CA, USA)

"I love this ... Thank you for sharing your writing gift." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Oh Duncan! Once again you speak to my heart. Once again you paint pictures in my mind. And once again every cell in my body responds as if I were in the water also. Thank you." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, CA, USA)

The Beginning

"Beautiful Duncan, beautiful." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, CA, USA)

"This is very beautiful Duncan." — Dawna (Somerset, UK)

"Whoa, this really is for me and where I am right now." — Brianne (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

"I really liked this one. Just where I am right now." — Matthew (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

"Like others, I have found [this] very timely; thank you." — Diane (London, UK)

"This is lovely. I like the rainforest sing sentence. And yes, I am at the beginning." — Rosita (London, UK)

Text Message

"Lovely poem, Duncan!" — Jeff (Encinitas, California, USA)

"I loved your poem." — Laura (Eastbourne, UK)

"[This] was lovely." — Rosita (London, UK)


"You have explained it perfectly. I know the feeling of not being in the present; I am always thinking about the past or future; I hate it. I had no idea meditation can help me with this. It sounds difficult but I will try to practise it." — Rosita (London, UK)

I Was There

"... very poignant ... [I] wondered who you were writing about ... was it for all relationships, everywhere?" — Elizabeth (Peacehaven, UK)

"you appear to be growing stronger all the time and it makes me feel glad to see this." — Monica (Hove, UK)

"Very expressive; I can relate to this so much." — Rosita (London, UK)

"Nice poem." — Jilliana (Brighton, UK)

Thank You

"Beautiful, beautiful ... Keep writing, Duncan!" — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Thanks and love to you too Duncan." — Barry (Aptos, California, USA)

"I love how you are creating and living each moment. I love how you take responsibility for ALL that you are. And most of all I love, just love, the unfolding of the DIVINE right before my eyes. You are so easy to see." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)


"I could really relate to this ... It was nice for me to read ... I am intense in different ways than you but I love this about me. I love this about you too." — Christy (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

"I was touched by [this] and recognized that I had been there and had experienced some of the things about which you had written." — James (Eastbourne, UK)

"I was touched by [this]." — Julia (Brighton, UK)


"You are a fantastic writer." — Rosita (London, UK)

"[this] resonates with me. I'm just in awe that you are coming to this at such a young age." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Thanks for sharing more of your thoughts. It's exciting to see a genuine search making progress." — Sean (Denver, Colorado, USA)

"Thank you so much for this Duncan; I find it extremely insightful and spirtually beautiful. Recently, I felt that you were in a state of flux and now I feel you have come through it into a Stillness and Peace which was powerfully physically transmitted to me." — Elizabeth (Peacehaven, UK)


"Beautiful beautiful words." — Jo (Brighton, UK)


"I really enjoy your emails; please keep them coming!" — Clairey (Brisbane, Australia)

"This article has given me great pleasure and I have read it many times now. My goal is to live fully from my heart." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

"I like the heart message of art!" — Jeff (Encinitas, California, USA)

"Thankyou for more beautiful words from your interesting infinite mind and your warm infinite heart. It was wonderful to read your words about the heart." — Jo (Hove, UK)

"Yes, Duncan. Thank you. I am coming to my senses." — Elizabeth (Peacehaven, UK)

"It was a pleasure to read something so well written and so full of love." — Heather (Brighton, UK)

Heaven on Earth

"Nice one, Duncan!" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"It's a sweet story." — Rosita (London, UK)

"You write lovely stories." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)


"Duncan you are amazing. You explain things so clearly and completely. Even things I 'know' about, you clarify! What a gift." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

"So true Duncan ... Sometimes looking at your emails helps me get through what is rather a hard time!" — James S. (London, UK)

"[this] is brilliant and resonates one hundred percent with my own experience." — Elizabeth (Peacehaven, UK)

Rubber Ball

"You are very prolific. Keep writing bro'. Don't ever, ever stop!" — Sean (Denver, Colorado, USA)

"Interesting project. I get couple of those rubber bands a day. I always wondered what to do with them! Now I know. We'll get started. Thanks for the inspiration, Duncan." — Rosita (London, UK)


"I'm quite a cautious person so will take some risks but not others although now I want to go take some risks! Ta again for the inspiration." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

"I think this is one of your best writings. It's insightful, engaging, real, to the point and inspiring. So many things covered in such a short time." — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)


"Very nicely written, Duncan. I enjoyed reading this article." — Raj (Bangalore, India)


"I also liked your reincarnation article. I am very interested in this subject. One day I will find out more about it." — Rosita (London, UK)

"Thank you." — Julia (Brighton, UK)

Little Boy

"WOW!!!!!" — Helen (Woking, UK)

"COSMIC YES to this Duncan. I am God." — Elizabeth (Brighton, UK)

"Keep up the good work Duncan ... your boy will always be OK because he has you as a Dad." — James S. (London, UK)

"Once more your words have brought tears to my eyes ... I think you are definitely an enlightened being." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

"So brave of you to share this. I was touched and my heart warmed while reading it. I'm happy for you and your transformation." — Jeff (Encinitas, California, USA)

"I liked the raw honesty and searching in your essay." — Sean (Denver, Colorado, USA)

"I admire how honest you are ... When you truly believe something it enables you to shout about it doesn't it?" — Julia (Brighton, UK)

Stand-Up Comedy

"I'm so glad you're doing stand-up, your place is on the stage I feel." — Brianne (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"I'm so stoked that you are doing stand-up. You were hilarious on the river." — Kerri (Ashland, Oregon, USA)

"I am so glad you are doing some stand up comedy. That is great and right up your alley." — Anna (California, USA)

"Your show bizz is taking off; a bit like The Phoenix. We need all the laughter we can get today as there is so much gloom in modern life. You are just the man for the job. With comedy you can unite people; of course you know this. Go for it at your next show, do it from the heart. Every one is where you are at but you have the talent to make them understand things." — Ian (London, UK)


"I think you have a message there for all of us. You are very brave to put to paper your inner feelings in such a good and positive way." — Ian (London, UK)

"Cosmic 'Yes' again to all your understanding Duncan." — Elizabeth (Brighton, UK)

"Once again an inspiring and interesting read." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

Avocado Tree

"[I] was so touched that I shed a tear! I wish more fathers behaved like you do." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

"Thank you Duncan. I feel like that with my granddaughter who is two years eight months old." — Elizabeth (Brighton, UK)

"Best dad ever :). You have a special way of writing that makes me smile all the way through. Thank you for another great smile Duncan!" — Clairey (Brisbane, Australia)

"I loved your article!" — Ariana (San Francicso, California, USA)

"I cried reading [this]. Very touching." — Rosita (London, UK)

"Sweet stuff." — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

Human Being

"Loved [this]; absolutely great! Keep up the good work Mr. Riach." — James S. (London, UK)

The Vicar

"I have gotta tell you that fucking vicar skit had me in bits; literally crying with laughter at work; so spot on and funny. If you ever get a TV show that would be a great piece for it; I think it would work well in your stand up as well. Absolutely bloody brilliant mate. I'm having a bit of a rough time at the moment ... and have not laughed like I just did watching that video in a long time! Thank you for that." — James S. (London, UK)

"I died laughing at The Vicar! Hilarious!" — Christy (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)


"As ever, I was very pleased to have received your latest piece. It spoke volumes to me when I read it and it got me started again. Keep the words flowing — I look forward to receiving the next one." — James (Eastbourne, UK)

Six Guns

"I knew you would do some thing like this. We thought you where very entertaining. I hope to see you on my TV. Well done! Good work old chap. You have been waiting to happen; I think the British public is ready for you." — Ian (London, UK)


"We all love the videos; they're brilliant. Keep them coming" — Pete, Lyn, and Molly (Eastbourne, UK)

"I think your videos are good; very funny!" — Oliver (London, UK)

"I'm a mate of your brothers. I've just watched your videos and I think you're a funny fucker. Your videos had me in fucking stitches!" — James S. (London, UK)

"... I found myself looking at a ... pirate talking about Flowers. It was great! Looking at other videos you'd done, All I Ask was lovely. Thanks very much for making me smile today :)" — Clairey (Brisbane, Australia)

Free Live Comedy

"Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed your gig and think you are very talented." — Elizabeth (Brighton, UK)

Blue Cafe Comedy

"You're a funny fucker!" — Anonymous (Eastbourne, UK)


"Wow Duncan; that's so good; feel really fired up. How did you know how I behave in the boardroom?!" — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

"Really loving the Goddess. This confirms what I've been thinking recently." — Julia (Brighton, UK)

"I completely agree with Goddess; you're one of the wisest men I know." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)


"Listening is very beautiful." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)


"Love the Dave trip." — Julia (Brighton, UK)

I See Your Beauty

"I love this piece ... How wonderful to hear how you found the song one piece at a time, looking at it in sections, testing it out, I really love your discussion of that process for you makes me think more about my own learning and creative processes. And your joy in that accomplishment. I also like your thought about relationships ..." — Deborah (Palo Alto, California, USA)

"Another inspiring article, and spot on about relationships." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

A Night In Cuba

"I really enjoyed this story. It kept me fully involved and interested." — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"Oh, oh, and do tell me, as I imagine myself in Kate's dress: what is a mohito?" — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Hey Duncan! This story is so exciting, you do have fun don't you! This is so exciting and oh so familiar! I seem to have heard this story before somewhere, ha ha. Cannot wait for the climax and the night in cuba to be revealed!" — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

Wanting and Having

"Your writing these past couple of days has been amazing; such clarity; you seem to be on a kind of a high." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

The Hoffman Process

"This is very inspiring; I've passed it on to a friend who would benefit greatly from the Hoffman Process. I think I will do it too." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)


"What a wise and inspiring article." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

"Thanks Duncan, I enjoyed this one a lot." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"I really enjoyed [this]. I must say that your writing is very poetic and the article made me smile many times." — Rebecca (Brighton, UK)

The Return of Rama

"Duncan, the description of Rama seems just like you; I could see you clearly in this entire script. Thank you for being here (and being)." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

Swimming The Rapid

"Duncan, your ability to face the fear and do it anyway is such an inspiration to me and helped me prepare for my kayak experience and realise there was no fear only exhilaration and a fulfilment I will never forget! Your rendition that night, in your Californian Dude accent, recounting your awesome experience had me in convulsive laughter, even more so when it came to light that you really had been so heroic. I recall that night clearly, I was sitting on our sleeping bags looking at the amazing space we had created and watching you walk back for the helmets. Feeling a little apprehensive about what you were about to do, I prayed for you to be safe. Then seeing you pass again, and saying you did not need the helmets, I felt a sense of relief. After reading this I now realise just how huge the risk was that you had taken." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

My Son

"This is so touching Duncan, really is." — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)

"Very touching." — Mikaela (Eastbourne, UK)

"Oh Duncan, once again you have opened my heart even wider." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

"Bless you. This is so beautiful and sad and true." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"This makes me feel sad but is also beautiful; Callum is very wise for his age and that can only be down to his parents." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

My Billionaire Mentor

"What a nice article! It really captured what was going on. It's a great compliment." — My Billionaire Mentor (California, USA)

"Wow! You are amazing! I so admire the intensity; and I understand absolutely nothing of chip design, but glad that you do." — Annie (Camden, New Jersey, USA)

River of Life

"Duncan, you write with such tenderness, such love. Your heart is very open and I love you." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)


"Thanks for your email; it's very inspiring." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

Getting Things Done

"Duncan, thank you. I love the way you write; it flows; it's very matter-of-fact." — Julia (Brighton, UK)

"Bravo!" — Trish

The Grouch Potato

"I like the way you write; it's real and allegorical at the same time." — Mary S. (Brighton, UK)

I Am Love

"All good people remain small children forever. Small children are wonderful; they have 'jagens' to slay, which turn into 'dragons.' May you and yours remain children as long as you live!" — Kitty (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

"I love the little boy but I also Love Duncan: the man I saw standing on the stage reciting his heartfelt words." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

Father Charley

"Duncan, you are a truly special person. Surround yourself with positive loving energy and you will keep growing. Keep connected with Charley-like people and just accept that there will be people trying to offload their crap onto you. Just let it pass and know you are exceptional ... To be full of stars is just so amazing; next time we meet we must look up and ingest as many as we can!" — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

"I sure enjoy it to the max when you write the way you do about people you love, and it really fills me up when I know and love them too! I love this piece about Charley; it makes me feel like I just had a nice visit." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

Mother Mary

"I will treasure this to the end of my days." — Mary (London, UK)

"Amen!" — Annie (Camden, New Jersey, USA)

"Your piece about your mother really resonated in my heart Duncan; tears came and gently welled over until they ran down my cheek. You see those words are very similar to the ones I have heard my son say to me. Just typing this out now is very emotional for me; I am crying again ..." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)


"[This] was so touching. It's not surprising that you and Izzy have such a cute, loving, and intelligent child." — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)

"Ah! That's what happened to the world: people got udders and adders mixed up! Callum is brilliant. Now we can all move toward what nutures us. Thank you Callum." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)


"Thanks for the warm, open-hearted, honest and happy story of you." — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"[this] is really touching. I love you." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)


"You have brought this man alive for me here with your writing and the feelings you have for him. I feel grief that he is no longer here with us." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)


"[This is] so perfect I have printed it out and placed it behind my computer screen ... The [when I was a child] verse is my favorate." — Laws (Brighton, UK)


"... made me laugh out loud!" — Julia (Brighton, UK)


"Your writings and videos are amazing, I am now very excited when I check my mails, when I see THIS IS IT I cant wait to see what the next instalment will be. You are wonderful." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

"I have just read this. It was lovely. It actually brought a tear to my eye. You do go really deep. It's nice and it makes me think more about how I feel. Half the time I don't really know how I feel. I can never explain it, but when you ask me, as you did the other day, I can tell that you mean it rather than just saying it to pass the time." — Mikaela (Eastbourne, UK)

The War

"... your conversations with Callum have brought tears to my eyes." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

A Real Man

"Very emotional, and I have had similar experiences where I can really see things for what they are." — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)


"Very sad, but is it those experiences which have resulted you in becoming this unique, complex and philosophical person that you are? That's a good thing." — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)

Jesus and the Buddha

"I loved this. I laughed my *ss off. Or should I say my asterisk off." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

"[this is] one of my favorites that you've ever written; very engaging and entertaining and useful all at once. Thank you for your brilliant way of communicating in a manner that hits on several levels at once. I'd like to see you pursue this conversational style again." — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

The Face of God

"Thank you for sharing your experience ... I was inspired by your sharing and encouraged to continue my own practice ... Your story helps to demystify spiritual experiences and sends the message that they are available to all." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

"Duncan, the gift is that you can describe your expierence so fully that (for me) my heart responds in such a way that I know that we have shared truth. You live in grace. Thank you again." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

Weekend on Lopez

"Did I tell you yet how much I enjoyed the Lopez article? I forwarded it to Madrona and she liked it too." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)


"Once again all of my emotions have been touched by your thoughts. Thank you for the rich reminder of who 'I AM'" — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)


"Your week [on the Hoffman Process] must have been rich for you? You are writing so beautifully, deeply, richly." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"I enjoyed this one more than any others I've read. I imagine that what you experienced on the Hoffman Process might have something to do with it." — Izzy (East Sussex, UK)

"You really write so beautifully, and as I was reading I was able to visualise everything pretty clearly." — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)

Central Sun

"I love how you put words together and they make a movie in my mind. Thank you." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

Email Deluge

"You should seriously consider writing a book. Who knows you may do better than J. K. Rowling one day." — Lu (San Jose, California, USA)

"I'm one of the besotted, I guess! This is wonderful. I hope you continue for a long, long time." — Kitty (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

"I like your articles. Have you considered writing for a living? ... Keep up the writing, it's great." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

Being Human Workshop

"This was great. Hilarious." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

"You silly goose! Honk!" — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"This was funny. I didn't

know if you were serious or not at first." — Matthew (Mountain View, California, USA)


"Yes, but his musings are all powered by Guinness (and a good heart) ... So he definitely has my vote!" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

High Octane

"I totally love this Duncan, and know how it feels ... Speed is gorgeous ... I enjoyed what you wrote and remembered some fun." — Barbara (Mountain View, California, USA)

Carving a Heart

"Yes it is Duncan! Every part! Congratulations!" — Barbara (Mountain View, California, USA)

"Sometimes I just read what you write and sit in amazement for a few minutes taking it in. And I am speechless; as if every cell of my body is receiving what you wrote and remembering. Thank you." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)


"Shite! [exclamation, not derision]" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

Abusive Sermon

...And there was Black Sabbath, or Black Shabbat, as they say in Hebrew. Speaking of Jews, what did they ever do for us anyway? ... hmm, I suppose they gave us Jesus. Anyway, I was pondering... "A brilliant moment, that. And yet again you, my friend, are a f***ing hysterical writer!" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)


"Yes, yes and YES ... Namaste Duncan!" — Barbara (Mountain View, California, USA)

Down Jacket

"Hmmm, you certainly are creative when you are having horny thoughts." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)


"I have a confession. I have been getting your emails and devouring them (whenever I have a bit of spare time) — I often get a jewel or two of chuckles, or contemplative ideas, or reminders of when my kids were young. I feel quite the voyeur, coming to understand your mind and emotional workings, and even rooting for your relationship goals — and all without lifting a finger to the keyboard to respond, or compliment, or input." — Danica (USA)

"Beautiful writing. I didn't even notice comma usage. I think I'd like your mother though. Thank you for this article." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Duncan, I, feel, so, happy, your, intention, is so pure ... are, my, commas, out, of, control?" — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)


"... Brilliant and subtle observations about what is quite obviously absurd once it is noticed and pointed out. 'Have you ever committed genocide?' What the f***? Who thought to put that on a form?" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

I'm Cute

"So fascinating Duncan! ... I can completely imagine you, the room, the couch, the conversations. Duncan, I guess I keep repeating myself when I say what a marvelous writer you are. Virginia Woolf expresses so clearly in that essay [How One Should Read A Book] the monumental challenge it is to describe in words anything! And you do it. Delicious." — Barbara (Mountain View, California, USA)

Adult Children

"Callum is SO FORTUNATE to have you as his father. Just imagine a playful, kind father! It gives me goose bumps ... You laugh with him, hug and kiss him, there is no reason to fear you — gorgeous!" — Barbara (Mountain View, California, USA)

Dragon Slaying

"Thank you for letting me peek in the window at you and Callum playing Jagen Slaying. A lovely gift! ... Your writing is fantastic, because your soul shines so bright and you are expressing that light in words on the 'page'." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"This is so beautiful. I am crying." — Mary

"I did enjoy this piece very much, I even cried a little." — Charlie (San Rafael, California, USA)

"That's magical!" — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

Sister Isabelle

"... reading your words has eased the pain of my own divorce ... I'm so glad to learn there's light at the end of this miserable tunnel I'm currently traveling through. Please continue to write and I will be a loyal reader." — Chris (Redmond, Washington State, USA)

"Dear wonderful, powerful, free, happy, deserving of all, Duncan: I LOVED reading this. Thank you so much for letting me be one of the people you send your thoughts to. Your honesty and willingness to see is inspiring. Congratulations on accepting your beautiful self. Yes and yes and yes, you deserve Love! ... Thank you again for letting me read your writing." — Barbara (Mountain View, California, USA)

"That was an awesome story about your relationship. Thanks for sharing. I went through a similar thing ..." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

"Beautifully felt and beautifully written. I came to the same place with my ex." — Charlie (San Rafael, California, USA)

"Wow, Duncan, wow." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Thanks particularly for this. Your articulation shows how deeply you have founded your thinking and truth." — Michael (San Rafael, California, USA)


"... [I] wanted to let you know that working (dancing is definitely better than 'working') with you was a gift ... Thank you for your willingness. May you shine in your heart through any uncertainty, bless the past as it's brought you here today and served its purpose and carry ever on into your own astonishing Radiance." — Shantam (California, USA)


"I think you're brilliant. I loved your piece. I look forward to reading whatever you send. You probably have no idea how many people support you, love you ... and look forward to hearing from you." — Annie (Camden, New Jersey, USA)


"I find it delightful to think that you were a Native American Shaman forty-nine times and now you're this cute Brit." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)


"I would never unsubscribe; I want to be one of the chosen ones and cover all my bases." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

"Annihilated: that's a cool word. I'd hate to get killed by a cool word. So, what the heck, I'll stay on your list." — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)


"You go guy, I love your writing! It's all about Duncan." — Charlie (San Rafael, California, USA)

"And what a gift for me! You express yourself so well in every mode: writing and speaking, I suspect running too through what I have read, and thru your tears. You are a gift in my life Duncan and I count you as one of my blessings. It's fun for me to know I can feel that way and not have to agree with all you write or say." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

"Go!" — Kitty (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Fifty Cent

"Nice job Duncan. It's all coming over very much like a man on fire with the truth, in case you had any doubts." — Michael (San Rafael, California, USA)

"We loved your [article] and both laughed out loud." — Shoshanna (San Francisco, California, USA)

"Your financial analysis was hilarious. Yeah, pursuit of wealth and materialism is crazy. Give me the wife, daughter, and the cocoa anyday." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)

Why is that?

"You are quite funny, and quite poetic, or is it prosaic? Anyway, I was captivated by your turn of a phrase when you wrote: 'the comforting, reassuring breast of those old arbors.'" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"I really liked your referring to the trees as a crowd of lichen encrusted psychoanalysts. The imagery is great and brought a smile to my face. I also like this line: 'They listened benevolently as my crazed form spiraled past them in a fit of sweat and tears, the little boy in me tumbling to an empty house that was now his home.' It's very human, comforting, confusing, mixed emotions, lonely, I loved it." — John (Sacramento, California, USA)


"I just want to thank you for your including me in your process. When I first saw the volume of your mails I thought, wow, the man is on fire with his growing process. Now I think you are approaching insights that can only come by staying the path for oneself with the kind of fortitude you have been living. I admire it and wish to tell you that I love you for your vulnerability, and your bravery, and your little boy inside as well. Many blessings, blessings, blessings, from one who has also suffered and feels the brotherhood in this mess called relationships." — Michael (San Rafael, California, USA)

Open Hearted Men

"Beautiful, thank you for describing this weekend retreat. I loved it." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"You are a magnificent man and you deserve to be met with love by your partner and the rest of the world, so just keep doing what you are doing. You were and are so beautiful in your honesty and being this weekend. I celebrate you!" — Michael (San Rafael, California, USA)

"I have just read this all the way through. It is beautifully insightful. Keep on writing Old Bean!" — Matthew (Mountain View, California, USA)

"Great insights, Duncan ... I really appreciate the fact that you are intentionally keeping the ball rolling on this experience, not allowing it to just fade away as yet another peak experience. You're doing great work, Duncan, and are very valuable in all of our lives — in my life." — Jeff (San Francisco, California, USA)

"Ahh, Duncan you are a beautiful man, an amazing father. As you take steps to heal and make a world more peaceful and safe for Callum. A pioneer exploring, risking, and changing for yourself and the precious of the precious: your little one." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

I Am Responsible

"Thanks for sharing Duncan. Your thoughts seem very familiar. I'm sure glad to have company on the 'healing journey'." — Eric (California, USA)

"Thanks for sharing. It was very insightful and a pleasure to read." — Matthew (Mountain View, California, USA)

"Definitely thanks for sharing Duncan." — Barry (Aptos, California, USA)

"This is an amazing process you're going through." — Mary (London, UK)

"Your thoughts really rang true to me ... just wanted to say that I can totally identify with, and relate to your words — and wise words they are." — Talia (South End, UK)

The Bay Area

"I really enjoyed the Bay Area entry — you described the wonder that is the American consumer's over-the-top wealth so accurately." — Shoshanna (San Francisco, California, USA)


"Rhododendron is a beautiful poem; makes me feel quite teary!" — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

"Once again my friend, very deep beautiful stuff!" — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)


"That is so beautiful Duncan, my heart is aching." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

Summer Solstice

"This is a beautiful poem, Duncan!" — Rou (San Jose, California, USA)

"Yah, Baby, yah! Awesome poetry! From the heart. Revealing, poignant, and convenient that it's quickly readable to a listening public on the run!" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

Long Words

"You're a genius." — Lisa (Lewes, UK)

Tale of a Pussy

"Oh so true!" — Mikaela (Eastbourne, UK)

Callipygian Swagger

"Yes, I like it!" — Mikaela (Eastbourne, UK)

"Yes, she is so much more: a divine being with healing eyes of blue water and a touch so exquisite that she bathes you in milky galaxies far beyond your dreams. Yes, one day you will captivate her and not just for your callipygian swagger." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

The Universe

"Beautiful." — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)


"So beautiful Duncan" — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

"Very sweet poem. The arse bit, which you slipped in, is funny." — Mikaela (Eastbourne, UK)

"This is cute and reminded me of Christopher Robin." — Laura (Eastbourne, UK)

"Nice!" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"That rhyme was so cute and innocent." — Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK)

Half Past Seven

"Does this mean you are going on a date? It's lovely." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Beautiful poem, Duncan. Very beautiful." — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"Duncan, that is just beautiful." — Monica (Burgess Hill, UK)

You Are I Am

"Beautiful, Duncan." — Charlie (San Rafael, California, USA)

Who Am I?

"Ah, wonderful Duncan! Good morning and what a joy to read your writing! ... Hafiz knows who you are!" — Barbara (Mountain View, California, USA)

"Ah, Duncan, I see into the future and generations to come will be speaking and quoting 'Duncan', a wise master. You are the Hafiz of the 2000s" — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)


"Flow my tears. Thanks." — Eric (California, USA)

"And thank you very much for the Psalm you wrote. How completely and utterly comforting." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

World's Best Mum

"It's such a lovely poem. I love the part about 'alright?' I can hear Izzy saying it." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

Early Morning Run

"Lovely. It's beautiful poetry. [her mentor at Oxford] would recognise it as written by a son of mine, I think. He would remember my attempts. Write more, every day." — Mary (London, UK)


"That was just lovely! I watched your eyes the whole way through; you really have such nice eyes." — Mikaela (Eastbourne, UK)

"That's lovely." — Julia (Brighton, UK)

"Sweet!" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

"Just been watching Flute; I loved it." — Ian (London, UK)


"Thanks for sending through the link to the lemming-lad from Yorkshire. Nancy and I had a good giggle at it this morning! :-)" — Carlo (Ringmer, East Sussex, UK)

That Wench

"Excellent! Much laughter this end!" — Danielle (Hailsham, East Sussex, UK)

"Well done, my fine young adept! Looks like I'd better watch my back, before you start stealing away all my music gigs!" — Charley (Santa Cruz, California, USA)


"Indulged. My dear Cranjit, thank you dear Master. Your teachings today will keep my food divine. Crisps will stay in their divine packaging today and forever. Your devoted one." — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

The Preacher

"Boy! You are funny. Reminds me of Monty Python :)" — Raj (Bangalore, India)

Asking Out

"Duncan, you are funny; just funny. Grin." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

Breasts and Money

"You are so silly, I love it so much!" — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"Please, more guru? (You'll make lots of us famous at this rate!)" — Kitty (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

"Bloody hilarious!" — Mikaela (Eastbourne, UK)

"[I] thought it was very funny; you're great at the accent." — Julia (Brighton, UK)

"Duncan, you have had me in stitches today; just what the doctor ordered. Breasts and Money is hilarious. Have you had many photos? You have such a wicked sense of humour and obviously insane! Keep it coming, although I suspect you don't need asking, it just 'comes'" — Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK)

Meet Your Guru

"That was very good!" — Lu (San Jose, California, USA)

"That was hillarious! Next time, do a longer one. :) How about doing a video on the preacher sermon? That was a laughing riot too!" — Raj (Bangalore, India)

"Delightful! Let's see more of the guru, please." — Kitty (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)


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