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My Partner

I was looking for the partner described below. What I wrote was my request to the universe.

She is open minded; willing to try new things. She is funny and fun to be with. She wants to enjoy life and believes that life is supposed to be fun. She is passionate about being happy.

She is emotionally independent: not requiring me, or anyone else, to define her or to make her happy. She is financially independent: independent from me and ideally from anyone. She is intellectually independent: she is very intelligent and able to think for herself. She is spiritually independent: not defining her spirituality based on me or mine, or on the beliefs of anyone else. She is confident, she knows what she wants, and she knows who she is.

She is very sexy and is comfortable with her own sexuality. She is interested in exploring ecstatic states of consciousness through intimacy. She is natural and healthy: she eats well and takes care of her body, mind, soul, and heart. She is not judgmental or opinionated; she does not believe that she knows what is best for anyone else. She is accepting and unconditionally loving. She has either healed the traumas of her childhood or is willing to do so. She is very brave, honest, and loves truth. She takes responsibility for her own emotional reactions.

When disagreements arise, she is resolution oriented; she is willing to understand my needs but also to take care of hers: she is not a martyr, a victim, or a door-mat. She is passionate about win-win solutions. She understands that we are both responsible but neither of us is to blame.

She has sparking eyes, long hair, and is not overweight. She glows with light. She glows with life. I am totally smitten with her.


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