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Carol (Tunbridge Wells, UK) about Unlimited Bliss Initiation

Wow! So thatís what a state of bliss feels like; no wonder everyone is seeking it! My body trembled and ecstacy replaced the sublime; the galaxies, the stars, and my being: all one. The all-powerful goddess that I have fleetingly felt became manifest; now I know what positve power truly is. I am filled with enormous healing energy; I am the light, the all seeing and feeling mother-goddess whose love envelopes all those in her path.

To you my sweet, gentle Duncan who I love so dearly: thank you for helping me to see who I truly am. I just cannot begin to believe what happened to me this afternoon; I became the sun, the stars, and the universe; I truly surrendered; and again I could not have done this if it had not been for you!

... to turn this on at will is really mind blowing. What a gift you gave to me ...

[This was not a physical-sexual experience. This was an inner experience facilitated by my briefly touching Carol's head and heart, by using certain words, sounds, and ritual practices, and by asking open questions. Carol was in various ecstatic states of consciousness for around four hours, experiencing bliss so intense that she found it hard to open her eyes or to move her body.]

Basi (Lemmington Spa, UK) about This Is Duncan

I know that I have said this before, but I think you are truely a brilliant and amazing writer. I have laughed and cried at quite a lot of what I have read. Despite having had such a different upbringing and lifestyle to yours, I still relate quite heavily to the emotions which you mention.

I have known about you less than a week, but by reading most of your site I feel I know you well enough to be rooting for you to succeed with all your dreams. There is something quite cosy, colourful and compassionate about you.

You are wonderful and unique person, and all your family and friends must be so so proud of you.

It's hard not to like someone who is so honest, funny and childlike ... Trust me, there is no label for you.

Jan (Newhaven, UK) about This Is Duncan

I love your site. I don't normally investigate websites but with yours I did. There's just so much there. It's a great website.

Rosita (London, UK) about This Is Duncan

Wow! So this is what you do. You are such a good writer, Duncan. I really like your site; there's is so much there.


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