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August 14, 2005

French Men Are Gay

I have a theory about why the French hate the British and consequently why most French men believe the all British men are homosexual. It's because they are embarassed about what happened in the war and they can't come to terms with it.

Now I know very little about the war, but I believe that when the Germans came to the border, the French just let them in. Then Britain had to come in and liberate them. I imagine that they feel a lot of shame about that, it's quite a difficult thing to accept. One way that this shame manifests is through a particular warped projection. I have heard that many, perhaps all, French men believe that all British men are homosexual.

Now the UK was estimated in 2003 to have a population of 59,553,801 people and a population density of 246.5 people per square kilometre. Although France had a population of 63,044,003 people by a 2005 estimate, they were packed in at only 111 people per square kilometer. So although we don't know what the growth rate is, we might hedge a guess that there is more heterosexual intercourse occuring per square kilometre in the UK than there is on the other side of the channel. Additionally the UK is not predeominantly roman catholic, making contraceptives more accepatable. But the clincher is that British men don't hug each other and French men do.

QED: All French Men Are Gay


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