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August 21, 2005

Science: A Religion

Science is based on the work of great physical scientists, just as religions are based on the work of great metaphysical scientists (masters). Religions are started by followers of the masters, by creating strict rules based on the face value of the actions and words of those masters.

Science is a religion in which there are a few masters and many followers. Members of this religion do not have the insight of the masters, and being unable to apply fresh insight to new problems, continually defend thier restricted worldview using a limited set of dogmas.

I have met members of this religion. They know nothing about science but have stronger belief in theories than the people who proposed them. They think that unless something has been "proven" by science, it is not real.

The truth is that the deeper one delves in the physical sciences, the more awed one is by the universe. Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Isaac Newton and Blaise Pascal among many others, were people who had profound enough insight in science to know how little they knew. They all were awed by the universe and were open to things that we consider supernatural.


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