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November 28, 2005


The movie called Rent is very entertaining. Itís a story of a group of urban archetypes, struggling with lifeís adversities in New York City.

We find a middle class kid gone naughty, a failing rocker, a narcissistic nymphomaniac, an up-tight lawyer, a lovable lady-boy, a depressed philosopher, and a lonely stripper get together in this story of living for the moment and finding their collective song. Half the characters have HIV and we experience the loss of Angel, the lady-boy, as if it was our own.

Musicals usually annoy me, but like the film Moulin Rouge, this was better for being a musical. Whatís wrong with bursting into song when the mood is right; we spent the whole drive home doing just that, in parody albeit.

This film will leave you inspired. The challenge is to take that inspiration to bed and call it back the next day.


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