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December 8, 2005

Yellow Tantra

Often it seems the best things in life are free: watching a sunset, stroking a kitten, or looking into the eyes of another human being. There are so many great and free things. One of the most satisfying to me is emptying a dangerously full bladder.

I was visiting Forest Row in Sussex one time and as I went off to the toilet in a pub, I was feeling a little dissatisfied. As I stood before the urinal and released the pressure, I was able to fully experience each moment. After many of these moments, I realized what a beautiful experience it was. It was very catheteric.

I had discovered something totally new and yet it was also something so ancient. As my awareness expanded beyond the confines of the toilet, I came to realize that the feeling of peace was not caused by the facilities or even by my bladder itself. It was the realization of my innate humanity and the satisfation of human needs being met. In that visceral moment, anything was possible, I could have sung like Urethra.

I returned to my companions a changed man. Something had shifted in me. Something I had held for a long time had left me. I was unable to explain this rapture to them and my life continued with an unchanged outward appearance.

This is a form of tantric yoga. We practice White Tantra on our own, Red Tantra with a partner, and Yellow Tantra in the toilet.

Dive in, enjoy.


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