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December 23, 2005

Please Buy Stuff

There are some people who have been so helpful to me in the process of opening my heart; I want to help them and I want to share them with you. This is an opportunity for synergy: they benefit and you benefit; potentially immensely.

I remember walking on the South Downs one morning last year, listening to A Course in Miracles on my iPod; there were tears running down my cheeks and my heart was full with gratitude. The Author was talking about the people who bring the Light into the world; the people who serve the Light. She said that these people are angels and that there is nothing higher than to support them in their work. It was beautifully poetic; I wish that I had the book with me, in order to quote it. Please visit the websites of the people below and consider buying their books, CDs, workshops or services for yourself, or for someone you love.

Barry and Joyce Vissell

Barry has done more than anyone in my life to guide my awareness into my feelings. He is a truly great man. Read about a recent menís retreat I went to with him.

Charley Thweatt

I met Charley at Barry and Joyceís Living from the Heart workshop in Hawaii in the Spring of 2004 and I have enjoyed his company many times since. His music brings me quickly into a deep love. Read about a recent dinner I had with him.

Heidi Wyder

Heidiís book brought me to a living master of Kriya Yoga in India, who spent many hours with me, teaching me about spiritual practice. I have not yet written an article about this.

Charlie Nimovitz

Charlie is a model for us in dealing with life's challenges; with courage and patience he lives with Parkinson's disease and pure love, which he expresses in his songs. He participated in the menís retreat that I mentioned earlier.


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