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December 27, 2005


I love writing; I love sending you what I write; I love your feedback, whatever it is. Writing is such a craft: I feel inspiration, slap it down, chisel it, rearrange it and refine it. Writing is such an important part of my healing process: it enables me to express and connect with my feelings. In my early days as an engineer, I used to spend ages crafting emails, making them easy to understand. Writing is in my blood: my dad was a journalist and TV producer, my mum an Oxford English literature scholar and A-level English teacher. For now, writing is my bag, baby.

"You go guy, I love your writing! It's all about Duncan." — Charlie

"And what a gift for me! You express yourself so well in every mode: writing and speaking, I suspect running too through what I have read, and thru your tears. You are a gift in my life Duncan and I count you as one of my blessings. It's fun for me to know I can feel that way and not have to agree with all you write or say." — Trish

"Go!" — Kitty


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