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December 28, 2005


Okay, a couple of people unsubscribed. If you're going to unsubscribe, please have the common decency not to be someone that I really like. THIS IS IT currently has a circulation of 440,001 people. I know that you secretly forward these things on, so that number is conservative. If you've not read the book of revelation recently, I can give you a brief summary: an eleven headed beast kills everyone, apart from 440,000 "chosen" ones, who are saved. If you stay on this mailing list, I promise to personally recommend that you don't get annihilated.

"I would never unsubscribe; I want to be one of the chosen ones and cover all my bases." — John

"Annihilated: that's a cool word. I'd hate to get killed by a cool word. So, what the heck, I'll stay on your list." — Charley


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