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December 29, 2005


"Does this feel ripe to you?" the young woman turned and held the water melon out for Marcy to check.

Marcy had never met this woman before, but she politely reached her hand out to feel the melon; their hands made contact and instantly Marcy was filled with the knowledge of the terminal cancer that this woman was carrying; she would be dead in a few months. She was asking for advice about a melon, but she needed so much more.

This was the kind of confusing dilemma that faced Marcy after her ability was awakened at the age of twenty-three. Sitting down on a chair, she would be presented with the history of the last person who sat there; life became an overwhelming barrage of information.

Several decades later, Marcy has learned to harness her gift. She teaches workshops for other ultra-sensitives who are struggling with the onslaught of feelings and images.

I visited Marcy at her home in Marysville, California; she lives a completely ordinary life. My first impression of her was of an open, loving and wise woman; she could be my mother.

Upon arrival, she immediately told me that I was an ultra-sensitive catalyst. This means that I enable people to change and grow by interacting with them; even by just listening to them. She said that some people don't appreciate this very much, but they do have a choice.

After starting the cassette recorder to capture our session, she went into a light trance state and prayed to God and the various masters, Jesus and so on, to speak through her. She asked them to bring clarity and guidance. She then spent about twenty minutes doing a sweep of my past lives. She would say what she was seeing as she saw it, "you have been a native American Indian shaman in forty-nine past lives", for example. That's a lot, by the way. It also became apparent later that the process was creating a set of experiences for her that she could recall as if they were her own personal memories. She scanned perhaps a thousand lives.

She told me that the key word for this incarnation was "freedom", and that the three main reasons for my incarnating are: (1) to find balance between the material, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my being; (2) to experience deep emotional connection with other people, particularly in a primary relationship; (3) to find my true spiritual path.

After coming out of the trance state, Marcy used her decades of experience in counseling people to provide grounded and sensible guidance to me. She based that counseling on the information that she had obtained in the trance state. I asked several questions that had come to me during the session and some which I had prepared beforehand. She either answered these using the information she already had or she asked for more information from the guides. Sometimes the guides would not give her information. For example, I wanted to know who I was in my last life, kind of hoping I was someone famous; but they would not tell her.

I felt very safe with Marcy and so much of what she said of my past lives brought clarity to my life now. I have a very unusual Modus Operandi in my past lives, which clearly is visible in my current life. I asked Marcy if it was common for someone to have a history like that and she told me that in the thousands of people that she has counseled, she has never seen anything like it. I have friends who have seen her also and my reading was totally different from theirs. I now understand why I feel certain ways about certain things and I have yet more confirmation of what I need to be focusing on to find the peace that I'm looking for.

She told me about my relationship to people I know in this life, in previous lives. This helped to explain a lot of things that are happening and that have happened in my life.

After leaving her house, I drove back to Nevada City and went to a coffee shop. I waited in a very long queue, but I was fine with waiting. I felt like I had a little candle burning in my chest and I felt so happy about that little candle. It felt like I was cupping my hand around it to protect it from the wind and yet also I was so overflowing with happiness from it; it felt like my joy was filling up the whole coffee shop. I was so immensely contented. The joy lasted at that level for several days and I can still feel that candle burning now.

I don't know for certain if she was really providing information from past lives. I am reasonably good at sensing people's intentions and I am quite certain that she was not tricking me. She knew things about me that no one else knows and her understanding of me seemed spot on. I also know that I felt very safe with her and I felt loved. I know that I have felt an increase in joy, peace and acceptance since I visited her.

On the other hand, I don't know if electrons really exist, and yet I have a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and the electrical systems that I design are the most complex ever developed.

So I don't know much, but I like to keep an open mind, and that seems to keep paying off.

Marcy Calhoun's Website

"I find it delightful to think that you were a Native American Shaman forty-nine times and now you're this cute Brit." — Rosie


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