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February 1, 2006


Can you believe it: the guy who's writing this doesn't believe in anything? He doesn't believe in anything at all. He doesn't believe in God; he doesn't believe in science. He doesn't believe in anything. He's a nut-case if you ask me.

You can tell him anything you like and he'll neither believe it nor disbelieve it. It's crazy. It's downright crazy. It scares the crap out of me. I mean, where do you stand with the guy?

I think he should have an opinion. I think it's wrong that he doesn't have an opinion. I think he should believe in something. I think he should get up on his high-horse and tell people the way it should be: stop the violence, clear up the environment, and fix the government.

But he just sits there like an apathetic sack-of-potatoes. What good is that? We need some conflict around here; we need some disagreement. We need people to argue and complain. We need more people to recycle. We really need a nice person to run the country. We need someone who's more liberal ... or perhaps someone who's less liberal. We need things to change. Enough is enough. Come on now.

And what is this crap he's writing anyway? It's all just self-obsessive nonsense. He obviously thinks he's some sort of prophet or something: all high-and-mighty, proclaiming the Good News. Bit of a know-it-all. Bit of a show-off. He thinks he's a bit cute. He thinks he's a bit smart. Well all I can say is: fat lot of good it's doing all of us!

"Yes, but his musings are all powered by Guinness (and a good heart) ... So he definitely has my vote!" — Charley


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