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April 26, 2006


Upon the mount where the old man sits quietly, a crack will form. From that place will spew a torrent of molten rock, and the wind will howl.

Then from the North there will come a legion of demons carrying spears and swords. They will amass in the sky like a dark cloud. People will run in all directions. Their leader, wearing a scarlet robe, will lift a trumpet, and a sound like screaming will fill the air. Brother will turn against brother and war will be let loose in the cities. Then nowhere will be safe. Blood will run like a river through the old kingdom.

After three days the sun will rise. The smoke from burning fires will clear and a new dawn will break on the kingdom. Jasmine will waft through the woodlands and the bear and the squirrel will awaken from their long sleep.

A light will dispel the darkness and fill the kingdom with love. The sweetness of love will fill the air. And there will be no more suffering. Freedom and choice will be theirs. And to the end of their days they will live in health and comfort.

And the earth will suckle them as their mother. The wildflowers will bloom in celebration and the rivers will be filled with fish. The air will be clear and the sun will sparkle in drops of dew on leaves in fields of abundant crops.

Legal Footnote:

The Prophesy is neither the opinion of The Author nor of his sponsors; it's just something that he wrote one afternoon.

The Author cannot be held responsible for The Prophesy coming to pass, or for the failure of The Prophesy to come to pass. Before making significant financial, legal, or medical decisions, The Author recommends that you consult with your accountant, lawyer, doctor, or other insured professional as appropriate.

The Author waives any responsibility for interpretations of The Prophesy.

The Author suggests that any major life changes, such as mass-suicides, armoring of homes, or purchasing of large quantities of gold, be carried out in secret so as not to cause hysteria.

If in hindsight The Prophesy appears to have come to pass, as is always the case with prophesies, The Author asserts his right to a stake of 10% of all financial returns made through actions carried out with an awareness of The Prophesy except where those actions resulted in losses.

At any time, The Prophesy may be compared with actual events by a committee of like-minded peers composed of an equal proportion of males and females and convened at sunset on the 6th Monday of the year in a small village in South America. The Convention shall be entitled, "THE CONVENTION TO CONSIDER THE PROPHETIC WORDS WRITTEN ON WEDNESDAY THE 26TH OF APRIL 2006 USING A LOGITECH KEYBOARD SOMEWHERE NEAR FRANCE."

The stationary used at The Convention will be light blue and will consist only of copies of The Prophesy written backwards so as to be legible in a mirror or by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Three Mondays after The Convention the blue sheets of paper will be left in coffee shops all over North America with arbitrary calculations written on them diagonally in black ink. It will then appear as if someone has totaled up a bill using The Prophesy as a piece of scrap paper.


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