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August 11, 2006


"Life's a bitch, and so am I." read the sign on the rear window of the car in front of me. I could see the driver was a woman with long, brown hair and large, dark sunglasses. She had at least one child in the back seat, and next to her, in the passenger seat, sat another woman, also in her thirties. The driver laughed as she turned and said something to the passenger.

Guatama Buddha said, "We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts." I have been watching my thoughts for a long time and I discovered something: most of my thoughts were habitual and most of them were not serving me.

There is a technique which I learned on the Hoffman Process called recycling. Recycling enables me to replace unhealthy thought patterns with healthy ones. I had a pattern of feeling and behaving "needy" in various situations. Through recycling, I found that the antidote to this pattern is the feeling of love inside my body and that I am able to invoke this feeling at will.

Using my labeling machine I have written the word LOVE on my watch. Every time I look at my watch I am reminded; I read the message and invoke the feeling in my body: a warm, expanding feeling in my chest. I am choosing love and happiness. I am choosing to be what I want to be, and I am doing so by choosing what I think.

I was at a music festival called The Big Chill last weekend, in the Deer Park at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire. I was with a friend and we were having a lot of fun. After a long period of dancing in front of the open-air stage, I noticed that I was feeling anxious. I felt that something terrible had happened, or was about to happen. I turned my attention to this feeling and the thought that was sponsoring it. I found that it was a habitual way of thinking and feeling, something that I had learned as a child. I also noticed that other people had not been making eye contact with me and I imagined that they didn't like me.

I decided to feel love instead. After a few minutes, I realized that I was dancing as I walked along and that I had a beaming smile. After fifteen minutes, I found that many people were making eye contact with me. A couple of hours later I realized that I had talked with several different people and that I was feeling very happy. My reality changed when my thinking changed. I have noticed how often my thinking has been in opposition to what I want, how my thinking has thwarted my desires.

I have known about affirmations for a long time but I have not really taken them seriously. Recently, I created a vision-board where I put pictures of things that represent how my life will be in the future. I regularly sit and look at the pictures and visualize my life as it will be. I have a picture of a Ferrari F430, for example. I can feel the door opening, the seat under my bottom, and hear the sound of the engine.

The first step to changing my thinking is to become aware of it. Interestingly, when I choose to think a certain way, it brings up the habitual thinking to oppose it. One way of thinking is this: if I have that Ferrari, I will have to work really hard to buy it, keep working hard to maintain it, and then work hard to replace it when it wears out. This is a pattern which I learned from my father, a pattern which he learned from his father. This thought is the only thing stopping me from having that Ferrari in peace. All thoughts manifest. In fact, this thought, without neutralization, would cause me to have the Ferrari but to have to work very hard to have it and to retain it. There is no valid reason why I cannot own that Ferrari and live in peace and comfort.

Why is that so? Because I, like you, am the creator. I have every atom in this universe, and all the other universes, at my disposal. There is nothing that I cannot manifest, and there is absolutely no restriction. The only reason that I have a limited experience, why we all have limited experiences, is that we have chosen to forget our true nature as the creator.

You might ask: why a Ferrari F430, why not something more altruistic. I chose to design the Ferrari F430 and to manufacture it. Why would I not choose for Duncan to drive one? Why would I not also choose many other things for Duncan? Why would I choose to starve in a third world country or to destroy human bodies with explosives? Why do I choose these things? Why do you choose these things?

I run around trying to change myself by changing others. One part of me tells another to do something different: stop burning fossil fuels or the globe will heat up and we'll die. This is an interesting story. Why not have this story? In the final analysis, it is all fun.

If I really want to stop suffering, if I want to stop being in ignorance, then I will choose to wake up. I will find my own power of choice, the power to choose my own experience. I will stop trying to change others and I will change myself. I will create myself in a way that makes goose bumps form on Duncan's skin. I will create a continual flow of tears from a body that is a conduit of unconditional love. I will create a childlike man who has absolutely no filters on his expression, who both drives a Ferrari and cries for joy.

On one of my computer monitors I have a label that says, FREEDOM, on the other, ABUNDANCE. On the handset of my home phone is a label that reads ACCEPTANCE, and on my mobile phone, CLARITY. On my laptop it says FUN.

Notice how your mind is reacting to this article. Notice even the most subtle reactions. If there is a reaction, there is nothing wrong with it, and there is nothing right with it; it simply is. But awareness is the way to greater health. I know a woman who had eczema from the age of three months. While doing the Hoffman Process, connecting with and expressing repressed anger, her eczema went away immediately and permanently.

Go for it; go for what you want; and watch. Sitting, blocked, on a sofa, feeling nothing, is fine too, but going for it is very fun, no matter what the outcome.

One of the messages on my vision-boards reads, "Happy 250th Duncan. May you continue in health.". What does a healthy 250-year-old man look like? He has a straight back, and is slim, with white hair, and vibrant, smiling eyes. He is filled with love and contentment. I'm finding that I need to start being really creative because there are no examples to follow. True creativity happens when we break out of the repeating and limiting thought patterns of our mind and let the creator flow through our hearts.

Why do I choose to live beyond 250 years? Because I can, and why not? Why not have the Ferrari F430 and the Boeing 737 and the super-sexy girlfriend? Why can I not be as wise as Lao-Tzu, as funny as Robin Williams, and as rich as Bill Gates? Notice the why-nots and watch them; these are the subtle lies that keep you from becoming your truest self: from starting a new business, from ending an old one, from saying I love you, or saying I hate you, from climbing up mountains and base-jumping from tall buildings; these are the lies that say you are less than, incapable, boring, ugly, worthless, and meaningless.

You are every atom in the universe. Manifest yourself! Fuck recycling; recycle yourself. Fuck the inward twisted, new age, regurgitated, corporate-fueled, resource-hungry way of thinking that says: there's not enough, we need to budget, withhold, restrict, limit, and protect.

I want to revolutionize myself, manifest another planet, bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven, create new species, discover new laws, communicate telepathically, fold space-time, and travel to another star. If you were everything and nothing, what would you do next? I would have fun. Let's have some fun around here!

"What a wise and inspiring article." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)

"Thanks Duncan, I enjoyed this one a lot." — Rosie (Washington State, USA)

"I really enjoyed [this]. I must say that your writing is very poetic and the article made me smile many times." — Rebecca (Brighton, UK)


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