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September 6, 2006


It seems as though most women are looking for The One. Is he The One, they continually ask themselves. Who is this The One that they seek? Some women find The One only to discover that in fact it was all a sham; he wasn't really The One, he was an imposter.

So who is The One that they seek? The One is their own authentic self. They are seeking a powerful being who will guide them, entertain them, bring them to ecstasy, and let them continually know how beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and special they are. What they seek is their own Inner Goddess. They seek their feminine, creative, blissful self who is all-powerful, perpetually entertaining, and super-sexy. Saint Francis of Assisi said, "What you seek is who is looking."

Most women are currently not empowered. Most women are held captive by the tyrannical lies that society has fed them through their parents. Men, frightened of the ultra-sexy female creative force coiled at the base of their spines, trapped in their intellects, suppressed the female power in themselves, and more explicitly, in women.

The feminist movement has a terribly inappropriate name because it consists largely of women attempting to become men. A further tragic reality is that the men they emulate are not truly empowered either. Our power comes from our authentic self; when we are being fully true to ourselves, we are unstoppable, shining, blissful beings with an infinite creative capacity and a supreme beauty which is overwhelmingly magnetic, drawing peace, wealth, time, love, and contentment into our lives.

How powerful is a woman walking into a boardroom, cold and intellectualized, behaving as a disempowered and stereotypical man, and out of touch with her true identity? Compare that with a woman entering that boardroom confident in her own sexuality, her attractiveness, and knowing herself as an all-powerful Goddess. Forget about political correctness, discard all rules, and jettison the repressed, limited, painfully-awkward, half-lived, excuses for human behavior. She slides into the room, creative, sexy, powerful, inspiring, in control, and loving; she is The Goddess. Why would a woman want to settle for anything less? Why would a woman not want the success that comes from being authentic?

A woman is not going to find The One outside herself until she finds The One within, until she fully realizes the Goddess that she really is. Then she will be able to see The God in every man, even in one who is almost completely unaware. Only The Goddess can truly see The God; she will be self-sufficient, independent, and irresistible; she will be empowered and content.

I have a friend who is a sex therapist; she knows a lot about female sexuality. She told me that women are insatiable; that they have an unlimited capacity for ecstasy. At first this was disturbing to me: I can never satisfy a woman, I thought. But she told me the other half of the secret: men are not responsible for what women feel. It is the responsibility of the woman to bring herself into ecstasy; a woman who relies on a man to give her ecstasy is disempowering herself; she is both ensuring that she will not experience it and is at the same time placing an impossible task before the man.

Women have internalized the repressive messages that may have originated with men. Not only do they play the messages to themselves in their minds, they also recite them to each other; they call themselves whores and they call each other whores. As a man with many female friends, I have begun to see how warped and self-repressive a lot of the thinking is. These incredibly beautiful and sexual beings, who it seems are considerably more sexual than most men, are filled with a level of self-hatred that is almost incomprehensible to me.

I have met several truly empowered women; they are filled with bliss, in control of their lives, responsible for their own happiness, and are totally fulfilled; they are also irresistible. Why would a woman choose not to be empowered? Why would a woman not choose to know herself as The Goddess?

"Wow Duncan; that's so good; feel really fired up. How did you know how I behave in the boardroom?!" — Carol

"Really loving the Goddess. This confirms what I've been thinking recently. Particularly re sex which I've been enjoying like never before since I stopped wanting to please my man and started wanting to please myself. Thank you for reaffirming this." — Julia

"I completely agree with Goddess; you're one of the wisest men I know." — Kelly


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