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September 7, 2006

Human Being

Muhammed Ali said, "I know where I'm going and I know the truth and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want." Even more powerfully, he's free to be what he chooses to be.

I don't have to do anything, all that is necessary is to be. I have a vision-board which I look at each day. I look at each picture and I imagine a certain aspect of my life being the way that is represented for me by the picture. I practice being the person who I choose to become.

I took my music keyboard to get it fixed the other day. The guy who fixed it for me has similar qualifications to mine: a degree in electronic engineering. We talked a little about my work before I mentioned that I had been doing some comedy videos. He told me that he owned a café in town where there is a comedy night every Sunday. He gave me the number of the agent he uses. I called the agent and got a gig.

In the space of three days I got four gigs. Another gig I got because I stood up in front of an open mic and starting doing a routine. I'd gone to the pub on my own and the people there, apart from finding what I did hilarious, where amazed that I would turn up on my own and do improvised stand-up comedy. I was amazed too; like they said: I must have a lot of bollocks to do that.

You see, I've found that I don't have to do anything. All that happens is this: I put my order in and The Universe provides everything else. I envision being what I wish to become, I pray believing as Jesus put it, and everything else happens with no effort.

When I'm in the zone, or the flow, I am very efficiently a part of The Universe's manifestation engine. There is no effort in what I do then. I become what I believed I was through the actions of this body or through any number of other mechanisms, but in all cases there is no effort.

Effort only occurs when there is resistance to the flow of The Universe manifesting. When the manifestation of previous visioning is resisted there is effort. If a lot of negative visioning has been going on, and negative visioning is always unconscious, then there may be conscious effort to resist the resulting manifestation. This is fruitless action because The Universe will manifest in spite of my resistance.

The saving grace, and everything is grace really, is that conscious, and therefore positive, visioning is infinitely more powerful in creation than negative. This means that when I am struck with difficulties the most powerful thing I can do is to surrender into the manifestation and re-vision the outcome that I then choose; I practice being that which I then choose, even more consciously, to become.

This is how miracles happen. With enough belief, The Universe can be stopped in its tracks; it can be stopped and turned around instantly. Like Jesus said: faith can move mountains.

Practice! Practice visioning. When you get it, you really get it. If you have unconsciousness in you, it will be brought to the surface, into the light of your awareness. I feel like a magnet with everything I am choosing rushing to me; it's an amazing feeling.

One of my spiritual teachers often mentions the mistake of forgetting that we're human beings by becomming human doings. But skillful action, which is action without desire, involves intense presence at the same time as the pyhsical, or mental, operations. This is what is called Karma Yoga in India. In Karma Yoga, your action is as effortless, incredible, and beautiful as the petals opening on a flower. Beware: there are people who sit in meditation doing with their minds far more than others who seem to be rushing around but who are in fact in a deep state of being.

Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita, the Indian Bible, that the trick is to perform each action without desiring the result of the action. I now understand this on a much deeper level than I used to. You see it's okay to vision, to choose a reality, because I am the creator; everything that exists was first visioned. The reason to not desire the outcome is that it thwarts the manifestation; it only drives the outcome away because to desire is to practice not-being rather than to practice being. Desire-filled action, doing, is very stressful; it's action at war with vision.

I can manifest as anything I choose. So can you. As God said to Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations with God: there is no wrong or right. To say that choosing one thing rather than another because it's somehow better or more good is nonsense. The Universe itself, though created by God in a sense, was created by a relatively less aware piece of God; and there's nothing wrong with being less aware either; I have been a relatively less aware piece of God for quite some time.

The only absolute is the bliss beyond creation, and when I choose to manifest myself in ways that approximate that bliss increasingly closely, I experience bliss in my body; I become a more pure manifestation of bliss, of God. This is the only reason to choose one reality over another; there is no other conceivable reason.

As I manifest myself in closer and closer approximations to bliss I am bringing heaven to earth within my own body. As I envision all that surrounds me as being embued with that bliss and it's most direct derivatives I find heaven manifesting around me as well.

Krishna admonishes not to ignore your own work by carrying out the work of others. This means to follow your bliss, to enter the zone whichever way works for you, and not to continually compare with others and get caught up in doing. He was in effect directing you towards being rather than doing and so to perform actions which are in alignment with your karma, your past visioning, and so which will bring you closer to permanent bliss.

Guatama Buddha said, "Your work is to discover your work," your part in the manifestation, "and then to give yourself to it." to get in the zone and perform desireless action in the completion of that karma.

Spiritual practitioners have said to me, "Do God's will." Or they've said, "Want what God wants." It's always bothered me because how would I know what God wants and why would I want what God wants. The truth is that God doesn't want anything, she just is what she is. So what God wants is nothing; God simply is; God's will is to be.

I am approximating God ever more closely by simply being ever more authentically, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't choose to manifest myself in any given configuration. Would you sit down and give a seed a lecture about how it shouldn't want to become a beautiful flower? Try telling it that it should do God's will. Perhaps you should, but consider that the seed has never wanted, and never will want, to become a flower; it is a flower in the process of manifesting.

And you, my friend, are so much more than even the most beautiful flower. You are one of the most conscious beings ever created. You can choose in any moment what you are. You are a miracle worker. You are a flower that can become an elephant and then suddenly an ant. You are a pure manifesting machine. You are made in the image of The Creator. You are The Creator. Awaken and create yourself in the highest, grandest, most awe-inspiring, goose-bump-generating, heart-warming, tear-producing, overwhelmingly-tantalizingly-sweet, mesmerizingly-exquisite vision that you can bring yourself to choose.

"Loved [this]; absolutely great! Keep up the good work Mr. Riach." — James S. (London, UK)


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