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October 28, 2006


I am the courageous, grey-haired, dark-skinned warrior because this is the meaning of my Scottish name: Duncan means "dark-skinned warrior", Andrew means "courageous", and Riach means "grey-haired".

I speak about myself because this is where my certainty lies.

I shave my beard before it starts to itch.

I lead by example because that's how leadership works.

I wash my body because I want to smell attractive to others.

I spend time with friends because I enjoy it.

I don't use an alarm-clock because my body knows when it needs to wake.

I don't drink while eating because stomach acid doesn't work when watered down.

I practice playing my piano every day because I will be playing it on stage.

I have a full-body massage every two weeks because it's relaxing, healing, and enjoyable.

I stand on my head for three minutes a day because my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, face, scalp, and brain need blood too.

I burn frankincense and nag champa because I like the smell.

I envision the future that I choose every day because I know that what I think becomes real.

I don't eat eggs because they come out of chickens vaginas.

I eat food which contains an average of seventy-percent water because that's what my body is made of.

I dance five rhythms because I love to be free.

I do the thing that scares me the most because I love to grow.

I sleep on my back because it allows me to sleep deeply.

I learn French in my car because I will have a home in Provence.

I eat food which will spoil first, so that I throw nothing out.

I don't eat dairy because I'm not a cow.

I spend time with my son to avoid regret.

I have psychotherapy because past trauma has been affecting my life.

I have lots of female friends because it increases my self-esteem.

I watch my breath because little is more unconscious than my breath.

I exfoliate in the shower so that I don't exfoliate on you.

I chew my food to a pulp because my stomach has no teeth.

I shred all personal information to prevent theft.

I don't watch TV because I'm too busy creating my own show.

I watch comedy because laughing feels good.

I wash-up after eating because I don't like to wash-up before eating.

I use Apple products because they just work.

I fly a five-square-meter power-kite because I love to play with nature.

My small wheely-bin is by the curb every two months because that's how long it takes to fill it up.

I write in pencil, except on checks, because I like the way it feels.

I go on stage because I feel at home there.

I massage my scalp in the shower because it clears the androgens that cause baldness.

I use a headset with my mobile phone because my brain is warm enough.

I go to an open-sharing group because I need to experience unconditional acceptance.

I pick my nose because I have a habit.

I expose most of my body to the sun every day to remind it of where it came from.

I drive a diesel car because diesel's cheaper.

I don't eat meat because there is no benefit to it.

I recycle because it's easy.

I limit the amount of fat I eat because my veins and arteries serve me in many ways.

I eat chocolate because it tastes nice.

I make eye contact because it reminds me that I'm not alone.

I air-dry my clothes because tumble drying destroys them.

I don't read newspapers because they make me feel bad.

I stick positive messages on things because other people stick negative messages on things.

I do twenty pushups a day because I'm more attractive with muscular arms.

I file things very simply because simple filing takes little time.

I love my mother because I understand her.

I understand my mother because I understand myself.

I leave cooked food to cool for ten minutes before eating it because my stomach is not a saucepan.

I have my car washed regularly because it looks nice when it's shiny.

I empty my inboxes every day because I like feeling ready for anything.

I eat raw fruit and vegetables before midday because my body needs to get started gradually.

I change my bed linen every two weeks in case I get lucky.

I wash my clothes at thirty degrees centigrade so they don't shrink.

I make my food colorful and attractive because it reflects how I feel inside.

I review my performance because I continually improve.

I write ideas and thoughts in a notebook because I want to benefit from them.

I limit the sugar and carbohydrates that I eat because I choose to be slim.

I run to the top of a hill every day because it makes me feel vibrant.

When my needs are not being met I look for a solution, not a perpetrator, because suffering would be my choice.

I pay people to maintain my house, garden, and car because I like to employ people.

I exercise my cerebellum twice a day because its development was delayed.

I eat wild blue-green algae because it is the most potent food on the planet.

I celebrate completion and success in everything because I will have even more completion and success.

I tell people how I'm feeling because it builds a foundation under our relationship.

I do twenty sit-ups a day because it's good for my back.

I breathe slowly and deeply because it puts me in a state of peace.

I rarely drink alcohol because it makes me feel dull.

I say "How can I?" rather than "I can't." because my only limitations are the ones which I set.

I always express love because love is always reciprocated.

I say "I've been having a problem." rather than "I have a problem." because my future does not equal my past.

I ask myself "How can I stop suffering?" because I know that suffering is optional.

I eat a gram of vitamin C, a flax-seed oil capsule, and a multi-vitamin every day because it's good for me.

I don't tilt my head back when I take tablets because it closes my esophagus.

I do these things because my life is no longer one of suffering.

My life is free from suffering because I no longer manifest suffering inside me.

"I think you have a message there for all of us. You are very brave to put to paper your inner feelings in such a good and positive way." — Ian (London, UK)

"Cosmic 'Yes' again to all your understanding Duncan." — Elizabeth (Brighton, UK)

"Once again an inspiring and interesting read." — Kelly (Brighton, UK)


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