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April 29, 2007


We are in heaven. This is heaven right here and right now. Everything is perfect as it is. All conditions are exactly right.

I understand that there are objections. The only thing stopping us from realizing that we are in heaven is the belief that we are not. This core belief supports and is supported by countless other beliefs.

Belief is the reason that we suffer in heaven. When we have released all our beliefs, when we believe nothing, and when we experience the world as it is, then we will see that we are in heaven.

Do you find yourself disagreeing with what you just read? The belief behind that disagreement is one of the doors to heaven; go through it. Awareness and acceptance are the keys to the door; see the belief, accept it, and go beyond it.

When you have made the journey through all your beliefs, when you have followed your path, you will find yourself in heaven, where you have always been.

What is heaven? Heaven is a place where everything is perfect. I doubt that anyone would disagree with that.

What is not perfect right here and right now? Notice that anything you identify as imperfect is that way only because you perceive it as such. It may be that millions of others agree with you, but nevertheless there is nothing inherently imperfect about anything.

Some people say that if everything were perfect they wouldn't want to change anything so nothing would get done. But this is saying that everything wouldn't be perfect. This is saying that things would need to get done but they wouldn't get done. It's also saying that they would want to change things but they would also not want to change things.

When it's perfect, it's perfect. And, by the way, it doesn't mean that things don't change; so far, change has been a big characteristic of heaven.

If the doors to heaven are beliefs, what is a belief? A belief is a thought with an associated emotion. The extent to which you would want to defend a thought is the extent to which it is a belief.

Emotions come in response to stimulus. Stimulus is either perception or thought.

When emotion is in response to perception in the present moment, it is called intuition. Intuition is the guidance that enables life to be navigated effortlessly. Intuition is always fresh and spontaneous.

The stimulus for intuition is pure perception while the stimulus for non-intuitive emotion is thought. A belief is a thought, inherently about the past or future, and the emotion that it stimulates.

When there is a strong emotional response to a thought about the past it is because the intuitive feeling at that time in the past was not acknowledged, so it became stuck. It keeps trying to assert itself in present situations. The emotional response to a thought is often in conflict with intuition; beliefs don't match reality.

The release of emotional states from the past is the purpose of psychotherapy and meditation; it is also the purpose of life itself. Until we see that we are in heaven, the main purpose of life is to release these emotional states and get us to heaven; that's why our beliefs are triggered all the time.

It doesn't matter how we do it, if we can release all the blocked emotional states from the past then we will have no more beliefs and our perception will be clear. We will then see the perfection in heaven and have perfect intuitive guidance.

When everything is perfect, when we're in heaven, we will behave quite differently from how we do when everything is not perfect and we're not in heaven. This is the practical solution to all the "problems" in the world.


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