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April 30, 2007

Emotional Freedom

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the most effective method that I have found for releasing blocked emotional states from the past.

I have taught at least one hundred people this technique so far. I have seen it clear migraine headaches in five minutes, de-sensitize extremely traumatic childhood memories in twenty minutes, and cause a friend to start tidying his flat for the first time in fifteen years.

In my experience of different kinds of therapies, three rounds of EFT are equivalent to approximately three very good sessions with a psychotherapist. The therapy would take three hours and cost approximately $300 while the EFT takes five minutes and costs nothing.

It's important to do EFT correctly for it to work. I learned EFT from my friend Magnus. He has free videos on his website (listed below) which show exactly how to do it. He's also written an e-book which explains many ways that EFT can be used to improve your life.

According to Gary Craig, who discovered EFT (his website is also listed below), it can be used to cure, amongst many other things, addictions, allergies, ADD-ADHD, phobias, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Watching EFT in action is mind-blowing. In a matter of minutes you can witness someone go from a state of post-traumatic stress in which a memory evokes a level ten-out-of-ten emotional reaction to a state of complete acceptance and resolution with a zero-out-of-ten emotional reaction.

This kind of emotional resolution is profoundly life-changing; it literally changes the way a person sees and interacts with the world, for the better.

EFT can be used whenever there is any kind of negative emotional reaction. Whenever an emotion arises, it is possible to trace the root of that feeling and to resolve it very quickly using EFT.

A good example of a negative emotional state is jealousy. I've felt jealousy, found its location in my body, and recalled the earliest time I experienced that feeling; then I have released the feeling. That negative feeling, if left blocked, would have prevented me from having the thing that I felt jealous of; it would have driven it away.

I've been using EFT for a couple of months. I use EFT all the time. I use it every time I have a strong emotional reaction to a person or situation. When I am not having an emotional reaction, I seek out things to resolve: I recall traumatic memories and neutralize them; I also explore areas of my life where I am having problems and discover blocked emotions to release.

Magnus told me about how he uses EFT for learning. He reads about something he wants to learn about and notices any resistance to what he is reading; he searches for beliefs that are preventing him really hearing and understanding what he is reading and then he releases those blockages using EFT.

EFT is powerful enough to change the world; it enables rapid, deep, and permanent healing. As increasing numbers of people become self-responsible and as they learn about EFT, I expect that it will play a very important part in the awakening that is starting to happen around Earth.

Magnus: tapping.com
Gary Craig: emofree.com


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