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May 20, 2009


As you breath in, notice the tension in your lungs. You breathe because you have chosen to live. You have chosen to live because you have a purpose. Breathing in is required for you to live your purpose, so your diaphragm pulls on your lungs and you are inspired.

Now filled with inspiration, what will you do? There is no thinking necessary: your body knows the answer. You begin to breathe out: an action that was made inevitable when you first decided on your purpose, the action that will be your last. As your diaphragm relaxes and your lungs empty, you send a stream into the world. You have just created.

This cycle of in and out, of inspiration and creation, is all you are. This is why paying attention to it is such a good reminder of where you came from. If you can watch, stand outside of, this process called life then you can see it for what it is. Life breathes you. Necessity breathes you. From first impression to last expression, from inspiration to expiration, you have no more control than a newborn baby.


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