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Blue Cafe Comedy
Eastbourne, UK
Sep 17, 2006

Duncan will be on stage at 9:30 pm for a five minute set. 2D Pevensy Road, Eastbourne.

Reviews on brightonlife.com. Note that the review lists the cafe in Brighton; it is actually in eastbourne.

It's a Sunday night.

Post Vitam

Here's a video of the performance: Six Guns

The night went really well. I was one of four comics, the least experienced. I went on after the first comic and the joke competition. There was a scouser in the audience who had been giving the first comic a hard time. I tried to deal with him preemptively by doing my scouser impression. It didn't work so well because he kept giving me trouble throughout my set, mainly saying things I didn't understand. The promoter and compare told me afterwards that it's best not to go on stage and attack like that; he said it's more important to get the rest of the audience to love you first.

There were at least fifty people in the audience; perhaps my largest audience so far in the UK. I had a continual stream of laughs although there were times when I lost my track. I got booked for a gig in Taunton based on this event.

I practiced cheering and clapping for the other comics and focusing fully on their performances, getting deeply into them and laughing a lot. I found that this helped to dissolve my ego around needing to be good or better than anyone else. I felt that we were all there as a team and I think that this helped me a lot.

I felt very calm, relaxed, and at home on the stage. My set went for twelve minutes even though I was only supposed to be on for five minutes. I've since found that this is a cardinal sin in the stand-up world and I apologized to the promoter at the time, and since, but he seemed fine about it.

I had a couple of friends in the audience who recorded my performance on video. They told me that my set was very good and they both said that they were really proud of me.

As I was leaving, a guy said to me, "You're a really funny fucker!"


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