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Free Live Comedy
Litlington, UK
Oct 5, 2006

8 pm, The Plough & Harrow (01323 870632)

Fresh from touring the US West Coast, Duncan brings his quick wit and crazy characters to Litlington, East Sussex, where he will have you in stitches. Marvel at how everyday objects and situations can be made hilarious, and experience Duncan transform before your eyes into the most captivating and strange people you have ever met. Not suitable for kids.

Sri Lord Swami Cranjitananda will be making an appearance, so bring your flower garlands and sandalwood paste, make your offering, and he will bless you; he may even let you lick him.

Duncan will be doing at least two half-hour sets on this Thursday night. Litlington is near Alfriston and is so small that you cannot miss the pub.

"You had me and my husband in hysterics!" — Sam
"Ten out of ten! Really funny!" — Kate

Post Vitam

This was an event which I organized. There were only about twenty-two people in the room. There were quite a number of people who would have come if I had informed them about it early enough — something to learn from.

Ed Simons from the Chemical Brothers was there. He hid out with a friend in the little side-bar. Since I didn't know who he was, I poked my head around the corner a couple of times to check what they were up to. Later, anita, who worked for ten years in the music industry, told me who he was. My mum also turned up; that was a very nice surprise.

This was the longest performance I've done in the UK; it totaled one hour and five minutes. That's a long time; a professional set is normally twenty minutes. I did a forty minute set and then took a break before doing another twenty-five minute set. When I finished the final twenty-five minute set, people were asking me to carry on; I stopped while they wanted more.

I seemed to move through my material faster than I had expected, or perhaps it's just that time slowed down for me. So when the end of my first planned twenty minute set came, I decided to continue. I did two sets in one go and it took forty minutes; each of those sets was supposed to take twenty minutes, so my timing was actually good.

Carol told me that the second set was better than the first because I was being myself more. It seems that people who know me very well prefer to see me being myself rather than doing characters.

Towards the end of the seconds set, I was scraping the barrel for material and there were some longer gaps. There was a group of young people in the audience, in their late teens, who started to heckle. One guy was particularly heckling a lot. I found it quite distracting and the more he distracted me the more it affected my confidence. I tried to deal with it a number of different ways. I did a rock-star character, which everyone seemed to love, and then came off the stage.

This group of five then came to sit with me and it became apparent that they started to heckle because they really liked me and they were trying to help. We all talked for a long time. They asked me questions about comedy and all kinds of stuff. I really enjoyed talking with them and they said they wanted to come to my future gigs and support me. This conversation was as educational and rewarding to me as the performance itself. Thank you Barney, Sarah, Anthony, Mike, and Harrison (James).

Elizabeth said that my characterizations were really good and that perhaps I should be an actor. During my break I also had a really deep conversation about visioning and the subconscious with Jenny, Anita, and Alfred.

Feedback about characters: one guy really liked Parker Pen but a lot of others didn't; the younger people really liked the rock-star character; Cranjit with the vegetables (in place of trees) didn't work so well.

Although I didn't use reminder cards all the way through, I used them progressively more throughout the performance. Bob and Gillian said that my performance was really funny but that the cards looked unprofessional and broke the flow.

"Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed your gig and think you are very talented. I enjoyed the surreal aspects and am reminded of the Marx Brothers particularly. I like your quick wit and smooth flowing exchange with the audience and think your characterisations extremely good. I heard some people outside the pub saying how much they enjoyed the evening. I am sure you will achieve success in the comedy world if you are keen and keep focused and always have the courage of your convictions. Sending you good warm vibes for your future in comedy. Well done." — Elizabeth


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