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October 13, 2005

World's Best Mum

A better mum
I have not known.
She'll nurture him
until he's grown.

She shows him
how to find inside
his truest self;
no need to hide.

She carries him
upon her hip
and takes him with her,
every trip.

When he falls down,
she asks "alright?"
Not screwing up
her face in fright.

She teaches him
about the trees,
the birds, the beasts
the bugs, the bees.

She shows him how
to be polite
and how to know
inside what’s right.

With power
of any president,
this mother guides
our world’s ascent.

And patiently
the earth does wait.
This leader will
not be too late.

"It's such a lovely poem. I love the part about 'alright?' I can hear Izzy saying it." — Rosie


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