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January 10, 2006


I am always with you.
I am loving you in every moment.
I am loving you through the keyboard.
I am loving you through the photons coming from the screen.
I am within each key-click.
I am your beating heart and your breath.
I am the hissing of the air conditioning and the wings of the plane.
I am the clouds and the pilot and the other people in the plane.

I am always with you.
I am your fingers and blood.
I was with you in the darkness and the loneliness.
I was comforting you even then.
I was there when you were scared.
I was there when you were frustrated and angry.
I am in your tears.
I am in your heart.

I watched your rage and jealousy and I was with you, loving you.
I watched your frustration
and I saw you feeling powerless and I was there with you.
My loving embrace is always with you.

I was with you when you were frightened,
when you thought that everything was lost.
I watched as your world fell apart and I loved you.
When you felt abandoned, I did not abandon you.
When you felt rejected, I did not reject you.
When you were beaten, I sanctified your body with my presence.

I will never abandon you, my sweet one.
I am yours forever and ever.
This I promise to you.
I can no more abandon you than I can abandon myself.

"Flow my tears. Thanks." — Eric

"And thank you very much for the Psalm you wrote. How completely and utterly comforting." — Rosie


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