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January 31, 2006

You are I am


You are my highest potential.
You are the sweetest part of me.
You are my true self.
You are the one who loves unconditionally.
You are the one who forgives totally.
You are the feeling of goose bumps on my head when I see courage.
You are the tears in my eyes.
You are the creative force that wants to experience and express the beauty in everything.
You are everything and you are nothing.
You are the pure bliss of unconditional acceptance.
You are the one with no opposite.
You bleach the bones and fill every corner of the house.
You are within everything.
You exist without the body.
With a body, you become love.
You're where I came from.
You're where I'm going.
You're where I'm at.
You are I am.

"Beautiful, Duncan." — Charlie

Hafiz wrote:

The violin
Can forgive the past

It starts singing.

When the violin can stop worrying
About the future

You will become
Such a drunk nuisance

That God
Will then lean down
And start combing you into

When the violin can forgive
Every wound caused by

The heart starts

"Duncan, don't you just love Hafiz's poetry? I adore it and always begin to feel so happy when I read it. It's fun to just open the book and see what he is saying to me. Actually that is a custom in Iran for hundreds of years and still today. People wonder about something/anything and just open his poetry and there is the answer." — Barbara


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