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February 7, 2006

Eat Me Up


Eagle Nebula. Picture taken by Nasa using the Hubble Space Telescope.

It's one a.m. I awaken.
The spirit whistles up through me
like a hurricane ripping down Main Street;
a spiraling wind funneled
only by my disintegrating self.
Shards of deluded clapboard, dislodged,
are carried back to the Land of Oz.
That column of wind is wider than a galaxy.
How can I be asked to contain everything?
I am asking?
This is serious shit my friend!
I am being fully brazed and tempered.
Bring it on!
Meld me into you before I change my mind.
Take me apart and put me back together.
Dislodge it all
you hissing sister
of all destructive vortices
of nothingness.
You are upon me and always have been;
you big, black, frightening, many-armed,
destructive goddess-of-calamity.
Put your tongue away; you're disgusting.
You'll eat me up, will you?
Eat me. Devour me.
There'll be nothing left of us
but the calm space of eternal being.
There'll be nothing left
but a trillion cubic light years of dust-free space.
Go on do it.
I've done my taxes now.
I already thanked my mum.
Let's call it a day.


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