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February 22, 2006

Overflowing with Love

I am the I am
that I was when I sat
in a house by the sea
and with you had a chat.

And I am where I'm at
'cause it's certainly me
in a room with a bat
overtaken with glee.

And the food was so nice
and the venue so safe,
but how does "nice" feel
while you're eating your meal?

Now we're out in the world
with our vulnerable hearts
and we're owning our lives
and we're making new starts.

You're my siblings, you are;
and our parent's the same.
He's got bright glowing eyes
and a million names.

So send me a mail
or drop me a line;
even though I am busy,
I'll always make time.

'cause you gave me the space
to bring down from above
the I am that I am
overflowing with love.


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