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April 18, 2006

Half Past Seven

If you could travel
at the speed of light,
you would be bigger
than the universe.

If you could dive
to the depths of love,
you would be smaller
than a photon.

If you could know
who you really are
then you would
live forever.

If we could meet
at half-past-seven,
I'd show you this
and so much more.

There's nothing left
to be discovered
except the beauty
of what's left undone.

There's only you
and me in this room.
The walls are made
of galaxies.

You let me breathe
inside of you.
I am your essence;
you are my soul.

It's all I wanted
as I lay in silence:
your soft touch
on my ancient skin.

"Does this mean you are going on a date? It's lovely." — Rosie

"Beautiful poem, Duncan. Very beautiful." — Charley

"Duncan, that is just beautiful." — Monica


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