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May 11, 2006

Callipygian Swagger

She's so much more than Mother Earth
with sun and moon about her girth;
a goddess in the underbrush
with skin so soft and hair so lush.
I'll caress her in Orion Beta;
she'll shower me with sweet amrita.
It will begin when I unclothe her
and finish in a supernova
Some folks they think that I'm a nut;
seducing God ain't easy but ...
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna bag her
with my callipygian swagger.

Callipygian; adjective; having beautifully shaped buttocks.

"Yes, I like it!" — Mikaela

"Yes, she is so much more: a divine being with healing eyes of blue water and a touch so exquisite that she bathes you in milky galaxies far beyond your dreams. Yes, one day you will captivate her and not just for your callipygian swagger." — Carol


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