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December 7, 2006


My teacher is
as innocent as a child,
beautiful as a rose,
deep as an ocean,
and wise as an ancient tree
climbed by countless little feet
and weathered by endless seasons.

Experience has fallen upon my teacher
as layer after layer of flesh
upon blood
upon bone,
and bedded down
to rock.

My teacher is adorable and adoring,
content and confident,
doing nothing to teach
except following a heart,
inspiring others.

My teacher causes pain
to end suffering,
and knows not
what the teaching is,
instructing only
by being the goal,
and the teaching.

"Beautiful beautiful words." — Jo (Brighton, UK)

"'Our eyebrows are closest to our eyes and yet we cannot see them.' — Nichiren Daishon the Buddha" — Elizabeth (Peacehaven, UK)


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