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January 6, 2007

I Was There

By the door
with the boots;
give me more;
very cute.
On the floor;
growing shoot.
So delicious:
I was there.

Open widely,
step inside me,
then unwind me;
come and find me.
I'm a book,
never bind me.
Take a look:
I was there.

In the moonlight
of the morning
soflty whisper,
gently yawning;
for the fourth time,
day was dawning.
Just remember:
I was there.

In the flicker
of the candle,
couldn't handle.
Can't you listen?
You're a vandal!
On a mission:
I was there.

Didn't notice
I was crying,
occupied with
tricks and lying.
Living presence,
slowly dying.
When in essence:
I was there.

I was waiting
in the silence
when you entered
with your violence;
seething deeply
down beneath me.
Can't you see it:
I was there.

In the kitchen
with the coffee;
pregnant pauses;
sticky toffee.
Careful clauses;
Tricky of me.
Second courses:
I was there.

We were dining
in a café;
You were pining
on your latte,
whingeing, whining,
eating pate.
Were you with me?
I was there.

Don't you get it?
Can't you let it?
I just said it:
I was there.
Now embed it.
Don't regret it.
I just said it:
I was there.

Do you care?
I was there.
I was there!

"... very poignant ... [I] wondered who you were writing about ... was it for all relationships, everywhere?" — Elizabeth (Peacehaven, UK)

"you appear to be growing stronger all the time and it makes me feel glad to see this." — Monica (Hove, UK)

"Very expressive; I can relate to this so much." — Rosita (London, UK)

"Nice poem." — Jilliana (Brighton, UK)


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