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February 4, 2007

Text Message

Stillness listened as he shouted his advice,
"Don't let anyone tell you what to think!"

The pebbles slip from beneath my feet
as my eyes rest gently on the still horizon
where there are pebbles.

The path from the peace statue to the pier
is dictated by the relative locations
of earth and moon.

And my heart calls out to you
patiently once more.

The cold water bites into my flesh
leaving a warm core full of seeds,
determined to be this.

I said,
"Take what you have and just begin.
And begin again.
And continue until you know
that all the time you were at the beginning
you were also at the end."

When one thing is all there is,
zero and two do not exist.
In the absence of many,
one also does not exist.
Yes, you could go mad;
only the heart can truly understand.

It will take eternity to discover everything.
And you are everything
and eternity is now.

Did it unfold the way you chose
or did you choose the way it would unfold?

I live with me and me:
a man who is god
and child who is man.

This storm always had a still center.
It flows from your sweetly silken lips
and I am drunk with compassion;
give me more and remove this pain.

I'll call you later. x

"Lovely poem, Duncan!" — Jeff (Encinitas, California, USA)

"I loved your poem." — Laura (Eastbourne, UK)

"[This] was lovely." — Rosita (London, UK)


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