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February 8, 2007

The Beginning

It's okay to not know the answer,
okay to not know where we're going,
to listen to the rainforest sing outside the dark window.

It's okay to be at the beginning,
okay to enjoy the warmth in the duvet,
to watch sunlit wings glide before the palace,
and to hold aloft the solid body of a giggling little boy.

It's okay for it to be easy,
okay to be born,
and it's okay to die.

It's okay to be at the beginning.

"Beautiful Duncan, beautiful." — Trish (Thousand Oaks, CA, USA)

"This is very beautiful Duncan." — Dawna (Somerset, UK)

"Whoa, this really is for me and where I am right now." — Brianne (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

"I really liked this one. Just where I am right now." — Matthew (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

"Like others, I have found [this] very timely; thank you." — Diane (London, UK)

"This is lovely. I like the rainforest sing sentence. And yes, I am at the beginning." — Rosita (London, UK)


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