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Duncan spontanously began providing spiritual initiation in August 2006. To the seeker who is ready, he provides empowerment and guidance into states such as unlimited bliss, unconditional love, permanent freedom, and eternal peace.

"Wow! So that's what bliss feels like ... I just cannot begin to believe what happened to me this afternoon; I became the sun, the stars, and the universe ... to turn this on at will is really mind blowing." — Carol, Tunbridge Wells

Read Carol's full testimonial.

Although every initiation is unique, being specific to the seeker, initiation usually consists of face-to-face seated verbal interaction and some light physical contact.

Payment for initiation is voluntary and should, to some degree, reflect the value of the result experienced by the seeker. If you don't see light or if you don't feel bliss or something similar then you should not pay anything.

Contact Duncan for more information.


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