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Duncan is a naturally great teacher. He is able to explain things simply, to keep with the pace of the student, and to know what the student needs in order to progress.

At the age of fifteen, Duncan tutored a nineteen-year-old friend in Calculus for three hours the day before a math test. His friend usually obtained grade D or below in math tests. The next day, Duncan's friend obtained a grade A.

English Language

Duncan writes for public consumption almost daily. He is a great writer and is able to guide another to find their voice, to use correct grammar, to edit creatively, and to have an appealing style.


Duncan undertands mathematical concepts deeply and intuitively and can teach mathematics from subtraction to partial differential calculus. He doesn't teach people to be computers, he shows them how to have insight.

Electrical and Electronic Enineering

Duncan has a first class honors degree in Electronic engineering from The University of Reading in the UK and a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Standford University in California. Since 1995 he has been designing 3D graphics chips.

Cost: 25 per hour.

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